A joy to work with!

Mary is full of energy and is a joy to work with. She has a strong knowledge of the industry & knows what is available in the area, along with her website sending us the latest homes for sale. Mary does a really good job listening to her client’s needs and desires & figures out exactly what you are looking for. She is also VERY patient with you and never seems flustered, especially when you really can’t find what you want right away! We felt confident in her ability to help us in finding duplexes for us to purchase for rental property. As we progressed through the process of buying the duplexes, she assisted in keeping us updated with what was needed and when, as well as, the multitude of details we needed clarification on. At closing, Mary was present to explain anything that was misunderstood and cleared up any issues we had. She is very professional in ALL she does. We enjoyed working with her through this process & would definitely recommend her to our friends who are purchasing homes.